About Us

Wonderland Productions has proudly been Hawaii’s premier mobile DJ and production company since 2000.  Our group formed though a 5 year DJ residency at a local night club.  From there we branched off to private parties, weddings, school dances etc.  Although we now specialize in weddings, we can still can accommodate any type of event.  Our main goal is to provide timely, cost effective and professional DJ services to the island of Oahu and even the neighbor islands.  We strive to meet all your needs and to make your special event unforgettable.


Wonderland Productions DJs

Sean S.H. AuYoung (DJ Euro)

  • Wonderland’s Business Manager
  • Sean handles all the accounting, scheduling and public relations
  • euro808@gmail.com

Troy Sueoka (DJ Vision)

  • Wonderland’s DJ and webmaster
  • Troy is Wonderland’s primary DJ and web designer.
  • troysueoka@gmail.com

Shaun Takeshita (DJ Method)

  • Wonderland’s DJ and Production Technician
  • Shaun is Wonderland’s secondary DJ and equipment specialist
  • stakeshita808@gmail.com

Jason Harada (DJ Drft)

  • Wonderland’s Sound Engineer
  • Jason is wonderland’s live concert coordinator
  • komao@yahoo.com